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Articles & Essays

Articles & Essays:

Harvey 's new blog page now features new in-depth writings, beginning Nov. 2016

He also has posted some essays on the Song Train web site that pertain to learning music.


  1. Confessions of a Reluctant Autoharp Teacher (1999) (Lula Magazine 2009 "The Magic Music Box")
  2. The Puzzle of the 6-String Banjo (Banjo Newsletter 2000)
  3. An Acoustic Musician's Guide to Digital Recording (Frets Magazine 1988)
  4. Making your own Digital Recording (Acoustic Guitar Magazine 1990)
  5. Plugging in a Bluegrass Band in the Age of Unplugged (Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine 1996)
  6. Overview: Amplifying Your Acoustic Guitar (Acoustic Guitar 1990)
  1. About the Chrysalis/Ridgewing Guitar (2015)
  2. Observations at the 2014 Newport Folk Festival (2014)
  3. Understanding Pete Seeger's Legacy (2014)
  4. Remembering Doc Watson (2013)
  5. About Re-Mastering of Recordings
  6. On the "Death" of the Compact Disc (2008)
  7. Why Stringed Instruments Are Hard To Tune (2008)
  8. Overview and Users Guide to the Fishman Stage Amplifiers
  9. About the Fishman Aura Amplification System
  10. iProtest: Essay on iTunes, iPods and Legal Music Downloads (2005)
  11. Open letter about Internet Radio and CARP (May 2002)
  12. 6-String Banjo: The Necessary but Evil Capo
  13. Advice For Musicians Making a Recording (2001)
  14. Essay: On Learning to Play Guitar (2000)
  15. Essay on MP3 (2000)
  16. Compression: Powerful Tool or Deadly Sin (1998)
  17. ASCAP & BMI- Protectors of Artists or Shadowy Thieves?
  18. On Copyrights, Music, & Money
  19. An Open Letter to the Alternative media (from Newsletter 1995)
  20. Essay On Live Stereo Recording
  21. Amplification Strategies for the Performing Acoustic Musician
  22. Amplifying your autoharp
  23. Concerning Live Recording
  24. Music as Information
  25. About the Public Domain
  26. Guitar Music
  27. On Music and Mathematics
  28. The Temptation to Overproduce
  29. Neo-Tribalism in Acoustic Music
  30. Why Guitarists Can't Read Music
  31. Advice on Buying a Guitar
  32. Advice on Playing in Bars
  33. Musical Transmogrification

Some Old Essays from Harvey's Newsletter:

  1. Practical Religion (from Newsletter 1994)
  2. An Open Letter to the Acoustic Music media (from Newsletter 1995)
  3. A Musician Looks at Sept 11 (from 2001-2002 Newsletter)

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