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HR interviews

Text of the following interviews with Harvey Reid are available here, courtesy of Harvey and the various publications that may have printed them:

Eagle Tribune INTERVIEW (2016 by Joel Barrett)

Journal Tribune INTERVIEW (2013) in advance of a lecture/concert about the Wreck of the Isidore.

Northern Indiana Times INTERVIEW (2012)

Hamilton, Mass. Short INTERVIEW (2012)

Song Train INTERVIEW Acoustic Guitar Magazine (2009)

York Weekly INTERVIEW (2009) about the Wreck of the Isidore.

DIRTY LINEN Magazine INTERVIEW (by Denise Sofranko 1993)

FACE Magazine INTERVIEW (Portland ME) (by Bennie Green) 1991

Portsmouth Herald INTERVIEW (by Chris Elliott 2002)

Autoharpoholic Magazine INTERVIEW (by Becky Blackley) 1989

Acoustic Musician Magazine INTERVIEW (by Julie Koehler) 1996

Six-String Arts INTERVIEW (by Greg West) 1997

Interview with Danbury News Times (Feb 1999)

Interview with Guitar Player Magazine (Oct 2000 with Adam Levy)

Interview with Sarah Nachin (Nov 1999)

FACE Magazine Interview Sept 2002 by Dale Robin Lockman

Boston LIVE Interview March 2003 by Donna Packard