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Info for Retailers

All of Harvey Reid's recordings, as well as Joyce Andersen CD's, dozens of books, sheet music transcriptions, guitar capos, and a number of rare collectibles are available in Reid's online store at www.partialcapo.com The direct link to the store is http://www.partialcapo.com/store.htm

You can always call us and we'll cheerfully take care of your order.

SHIPPING Worldwide prices are calculated by our shopping cart based on the weight of each item, and specials, packages and free shipping deals are all built-in there and change pretty often. The shopping cart is not quite smart enough to know that books and CD's qualify for discounted MEDIA MAIL shipping, but capos do not. It is also hard to tell exactly what will fit into a flat-rate envelope or box. We always check everything carefully, and will refund your shipping money if you pay too much. We might call or email you if there is a question about the best way to get things to you.

You can also use your credit cards there in the checkout without being a customer of Google or PayPal. (They take less of our money than a regular credit card transaction, so we happily use them.)

We accept MasterCard & VISA & Discover credit & debit cards, checks or money orders for phone, fax, mail & e-mail orders. Be sure to include expiration date with credit card orders. We also can accept PayPal. Send PayPal payment to and specify your mailing address and we can send your order top you that way also.

CD's - $9.95-$16.95 + shipping except multiple CD sets.

"The Song Train" is a 4-CD set with 80 page book= $29.95 (special sale price)

"Wreck of the Isidore " is a 103-page hardback book with a full CD of music included

- #112 "In Person" and #116 "Dreamer or Believer" (Double CD's) = $19.95 for 2-CD set
TAX- Maine residents 5.5% sales tax wil be added to your order

Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome.

If you have any trouble, call us (free call if you use the Google button below to all for free

E-MAIL us your order to:

Call our voicemail (207-363-1886) anytime and leave your order or just leave us a message.

Send postal orders to Woodpecker Records PO Box 815 York ME 03909. Checks and money orders OK. Make foreign money orders in US dollars.

We usually ship 1st class mail, often the same day we get your order. (We can ship by UPS if you prefer.) We prefer not to ship COD (IT WILL COST YOU $5 EXTRA) or FedEx.

We are happy to get autographed recordings at no extra cost (it may take longer) or send gifts directly for you & will enclose a note saying it's from you, or with a short message you supply us with. We usually ship orders within 1-3 days, and can get them to the recipients promptly for you.

require an extra shipping cost (air or surface mail), except to Canada. Small orders of 1-3 recordings can be mailed inexpensively by air. (One CD is $5 anywhere in the world.) Send U.S. dollars or use MasterCard or VISA, which is the easiest way to exchange currency and bill you for shipping. "The Song Train" will fit in a Global Priority envelope (as will about 4-6 regular CD's) which is $8 to Canada, $13 anywhere else in the world, and a good shipping option for medium-sized orders.

We do not share, trade or sell customer information, leave cookies on your computer, or engage in any tracking practices. Our only artists are Harvey Reid and Joyce Andersen. Joyce has her own web wite at Joyscream.com but you'll need to order her CD's from us also.

Our policy on Security & Information

"Woodpecker Records is a small, folk-music record label, and the Internet is a vital part in our plan to continue to bring you handcrafted music direct from me to you. We have kept a mailing list for over 25 years, and have never sold or traded our customer information with anyone. We absolutely will not secretly gather any information about you or compromise any information we might obtain in dealing with you over the Internet, and your customer information will only be used by us to give you better service. If you buy a recording from us, your name will go into our mailing list, which means that I will send you a newsletter about once a year, and an occasional postcard when I might be performing in your area. That's about it. We are now doing e-mailings to save postage and printing costs, and encourage you to join our e-mailing list to be informed of new recordings and concerts in your area.The big companies or hackers might do sleazy things with your information, but I will offer my personal assurance that nothing of the sort will happen when you deal with us. You have a lot more to fear when your credit card is used at a restaurant than you do ordering by e-mail from me. Information security is worth worrying about, and I will promise you that you don't have to worry about Woodpecker Records abusing yours.Thank you for your support, for listening to my recordings, and helping me continue to survive as an independent artist."