Below is a current list of historic tracks, live cuts, and out-takes by Harvey Reid that are currently available for $1.50 per cut from Woodpecker Records as part of our Custom CD offer. Only 2 of these tracks are currently available in our normal catalog of CD's. Many of them are songs Harvey has recorded before or since, and these may be alternate takes, or live versions. (Tracks marked with * after the title have never been released; with a # sign means they were released in the past and are out-of-print, $ means they were released by someone other than Woodpecker Records and may or may not be in print, and a + sign means they are currently available on one of our CD's, and have been re-released in a compilation or new CD) These are not MP3's, they are real CD-quality, 16-bit music files, that sound identical to what you would get on a "commercial" CD. The ones you choose will be burned onto a CD and mailed to you, along with complete liner notes and recording information.

This includes Harvey's 1st two recordings, which are currently out of print: #101- Nothin' But Guitar (15 tracks) , #102- A Very Old Song (12 tracks) though #103- The Coming of Winter which was out of print for years, is available in 2012 again as a CD in our regular catalog. These are each available as a group, in the original order of tracks on the albums. Eventually available as a group will be 1) a batch of 15 songs recorded in 1995 with Lynn Rothermich, and 2) a concert at Holstein's in Chicago in March 1985, 3) Cuts from various live concerts 4) out-takes dating back to 1982. Several sample cuts from each of these groups are available below. We also hope to make available in the future some original songs of Harvey's that have never been released as well as other interesting live cuts and out-takes from all the various albums.

(For the live tracks that have a spoken intro, please specify if you would like that included. It is free if you buy the song, but will take up time on your CD.) Remember that there will be a space of approx 2-3 secs between cuts, and that published times here could be slightly in error, so don't try to fill the CD to the full 80 minutes-- we recommend no more than 77-78 minutes to make sure you don't run over the time limit.

We currently do not have the software in place to add up your total track times and make sure they do not exceed the limit of what will fit on a CD, nor do we have a shopping cart of money spent so far and what tracks you have selected, and are still working out procedures for printing out the written materials that will accompany the CD, and for billing and accounting to pay the songwriters. This is a complicated project, and it is unclear whether demand will justify the effort and expense of automating the ordering process.

TO ORDER: This is sort of primitive, but it's all we have right now. Get a pencil and write down (in order!) the track catalog numbers you want on your CD. Then go to our on-line order form, fill out your name, address, contact and payment info along with the songs you want to purchase. Be sure to specify the catalog #'s in the exact order you would like them to appear on your CD. There may also be a $4 shipping/handling charge per CD, since we have to burn the CD and prepare the printed materials, plus package everything specially. You will get a custom printout of the liner notes and recording/historical inormation for the cuts you selected, a mini-jewel box and some art work for the booklet.

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